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Instructions Your thread must be at least 250 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge. In addition to

Instructions Your thread must be at least 250 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge. In addition to the thread, you must reply at least 2 other classmates? threads. Each reply must be at least 150 words. Both your thread and replies must be supported with biblical or scholarly support. Thread Topic (250 words) Use the Health Clinic Case Study in additional reading materials as a reference to help complete this exercise. (pp 17 ? 24) The elements of Use Case diagram include ?actors, use cases, subject boundaries, and a set of relationships among ?actors which may include extends and generalization. You were hired by Hilltop Motors as a consultant to help the ?company plan a new information system. Hilltop is an old-line ?dealership, and the prior owner was slow to change. A new management ?team has taken over, and they are eager to develop a first-class system. ?Right now, you are reviewing the service department, which is going ?through a major expansion. You decide to create a model of the service ?department in the form of a use case diagram. The main actors in the ?service operation are customers; service writers, who prepare work ?orders and invoices; and mechanics, who perform the work. You are ?meeting with the management team tomorrow morning. Create a draft of the ?diagram to present to them by developing a Use Case Diagram and Use ?Case Description. (Chapter 6) Reply #1 (150 words) ??Use Case Description & Use Case Diagram ? ??Collapse ????????? In ?creating the attached Use Case Diagram and Use Case Description, I ?first had to identify the actors and tasks. ?The next step was to ?develop the Use Case Description.? While creating this step-by-step list ?is essential in creating the Use Case Diagram; I realized that diagrams ?make the information more understandable. According to a study done on ?effectiveness in comprehension using diagrams, researchers found that ?This suggests a potential for higher levels of understanding derived ?from use cases supported with a use case diagram as opposed to using ?cases alone? (Germino et al., 2009).? With the description completed, ?using it as a guide, I quickly finished the Use Case Diagram.? ?? There ?would be handouts of the attached use case diagram and use case ?description in the morning presentation to management.? If available, ?there would also be a presentation on a big screen so I could point out ?different items in the documents for a clearer understanding.? In my ?experience, having the information on a big screen and using a pointer ?(either a mouse or preferably a handheld one) grabs the audience?s ?attention and creates a more interactive meeting, leading to better ?collaboration.? The discussion should not take longer than thirty ?minutes; I would answer questions as they came up.? I would also ask ?someone to take notes during the session to write down questions that ?need research before answering and any suggestions that management had. Once ?the meeting concluded, I would review the notes, create an email to the ?attendees and copy anyone that either missed the meeting or has a stake ?in the process outlining the items discussed updates to the diagrams, ?and if needed, another suggested meeting time to follow up on the ?changes. Proper ?planning is essential to a smooth transition or completed project, But ?all things should be done decently and in order? (1 Corinthians 14:12). Reply #2 (150 words) ??Hill Top Motors ? ??Collapse ????????? In ?this meeting we will discuss how a Use Case diagram will be beneficial ?for our company here at Hilltop Motors A User Case Diagram is a visual ?summary of several related user cases within a system or subsystem. It ?is also a visual representation that illustrates the interaction between ?the user and the information system in UML in this User Case Diagram. According to Extending UML use Case Diagram to Represent Non-Interactive Functional Requirements??The ?comprehensive representation of functional requirements is a crucial ?activity in the analysis phase of the software development life cycle. ?Representation of a complete set of functional requirements helps in ?tracing business goals effectively throughout the development life ?cycle.?Use case?modeling is one of the most widely-used methods to represent and document the system’s functional requirements.? Using ?a use case diagram and description will help all parties involved the ?customer the service writer and the mechanic it will keep everyone in ?the loop.? A ?user case description documents the name of the use case, the actor, a ?description of the use case, a step-by-step list of the task, and the ?actions required for successful completion, and other key descriptions ?and assumptions. According to Visual Language for Use Case Description Use cases?have been widely adopted by software engineers to model user-system interaction. ?This has led human-computer interaction professionals to create their ?own methods and techniques, which has often had the opposite philosophy ?from that used by software engineers when modeling user-system ?interactions.

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