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For this class, an acceptable thesis statement has five requirements: 1. It must state the focus of the es


For this class, an acceptable thesis statement has five requirements:

1. It must state the focus of the essay.

2. Indicate the strategy for development (such as process, cause, effect

 comparison or contrast, classification, argument, definition, illustration,

 narration, etc).

3. and mention two or three major points, *

4. expressed in parallel grammatical forms and

5. in one sentence.

*These major points must be broad, or general, enough to generate a number of supporting details/examples sufficient for a paragraph. In other words, if the major point is too specific, it will be difficult to develop the major point into a full paragraph.

 After seeing these 5 requirements, determine which of the following sentences meet all of them and which do not:  (Put a check mark in front of the correct ones and an X in front of the incorrect ones and indicate the requirements that are wrong 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5……..Correct 3 of the wrong ones. 


1.  A teacher must have the following qualities: knowing his/her subject, making learning enjoyable, and giving motivating exercises to students.

(1)          ______ (2) ___________ (3) ___________ 

    (4)   ______ (5) ___________

2.  A teacher must have the following qualities: a good presentation, punctuality, and has the easiest way to explain the assignment to the students.

(1)          ___________ (2) ___________ (3)___________ 

  (4)  ___________ (5) ____________

3.  Technology is changing our lives in two important areas: it gives easy communication worldwide and technology is giving a lot of improvement to health.

(1)          ____________ (2) ____________ 

(3) _________ 

   (4) ____________ (5) ___________

4.  A teacher must have the following qualities. These requirements are: competency, sense of responsibility, and give the best of his knowledge to the students.

(1)          ___________(2)____________(3)_________                                                         

   (4) ____________ (5) ___________

5.  Two advantages of living alone are privacy and lower electricity bills.

(1)          ________(2)____________(3)________                             

             (4) ____________ (5) ___________

6.  Getting a university degree may require some sacrifices in the areas of leisure time, family relationships, and personal finances.

(1)          ___________(2)____________(3)________                                                             

  (4) ___________ (5)

7.  The purpose of this paper is to increase our writing skills, also explains and reinforces those skills and gives the students better control to become a good writer.

(1)          ____________(2)____________(3)__________                                                        

    (4) ____________ (5) ___________

8.  Poverty creates negatives consequences for society as social unrest, increased crime, and a lower standard of education.

(1)          ____________ (2____________(3)__________  

  (4) ____________ (5) ___________

9.  A teacher must have the following qualities:

        1) A teacher has to be patient.

        2) He must be competent.

(1)          ____________ (2)____________(3)__________

    (4) ____________ (5) ___________

10.  A teacher must have the following qualities: punctuality, knowledge of the subject matter, and a good personality.

(1)          ___________ (2)___________(3)____________

     (4) ___________ (5) ___________

11. Choosing a career has proved to be the most important step during the student stage.

(1)          _________ (2) __________ (3) ____________ 

     (4) ____________ (5) ___________

12. The basic causes of inflation are government expenses and unemployment.

 (1) ____________ (2)____________(3)____________ 

   (4) ____________ (5) ___________

13. A good teacher has the following qualities: a good sense of humor and talent to teach.

 (1)____________ (2)____________ (3)____________ 

    (4) ____________ (5) ___________

14. Students who want to do better in their courses should learn how to manage their time more efficiently. Also, they should come to class on time.

 (1) ____________ (2)____________(3)____________ 

  (4) ____________ (5) ___________

15. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, worldwide pollution has been increasing at an alarming rate.

(1)          ____________ (2__________ (3____________   

 (4) ____________ (5) ___________

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